Privacy Policy Read on for information on the following aspects about our Privacy Policy: Information provided to us The only information we keep is information that you provide to us. When you sign up to, you create an account and a personal profile. When creating the account we ask for your real name, email address and date of birth. Your real name, email address and date of birth are not shared with anyone outside of . We do not ask for any other contact information. All other information provided by you during the profile creation process is included in your personal profile which is available for public viewing. This information includes but is not limited to your gender, country, state, city and ethnicity. If you upload photos, those photos can be viewed by anyone. When you access we collect information about the device you are accessing us from, such as browser and device type. We also track your IP address and which pages on you visit. We use this information to improve the security, reliability and overall functionality of our site. Information Provided To Others We highly recommend that you do not provide any personal details when communicating with other users. It is against our policies to include your contact information in your profile. Providing email addresses, phone numbers or web sites in your profile may result in your account being deleted without notice. Communicating with other people using is safe. If you have a problem with another user, you can simply block them so that they cannot communicate with you anymore. If you provide your email address or phone number to another user, we cannot prevent that user from calling or sending you emails. For this reason, we recommend you stick to communicating using . Communicating With Other Users To protect our users, we monitor the messages that are sent using our mail and chat system. This means that a conversation between you and another user may be read by our customer service team. We do not read all messages, only those that are suspicious or have been reported to us. Links When you click on a link on , you may leave our site. We are not responsible for the privacy practices of other sites. Disabled Accounts When an account is disabled, it is not deleted from our servers. The information relating to this account is kept in case the user decides to start using again. When an account is disabled, the personal profile of that user cannot be viewed by the public. Security We do our best to keep your information and account secure, but we need your help. You should choose a password that is not easy to guess. Make sure that any information you provide about yourself to other users cannot be used to guess your password. You should also: * Access from behind a firewall * Use Anti-Virus software and keep it updated * Use Anti-Spyware software and keep it updated * Use a modern browser and keep it updated * Use a modern operating system and keep it updated * Keeping your 3rd party email account secure is of utmost importance Please be aware that no security measures are perfect or impenetrable. If you have any questions about this privacy statement, the practices of this site, or your dealings with this Web site, please email us [email protected]

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